CARVER (WBSM) — An escaped chicken is on the loose Thursday afternoon in Carver.

Teresa Flaherty, who operates the Carver GeKo gas station and convenience store, posted in the Carver Helping Carver Facebook group at 1:13 p.m. that a chicken was hanging around outside the store.

“Omg my friends. This little chicken at my store needs a family,” she posted, along with a photo of the chicken.

She posted just moments later that the chicken had moved on and was heading toward the Carver Town Hall.

GeKo is located at 118 Main Street in Carver, just a little bit south of the Town Hall.

Google Maps
Google Maps

While nobody seemed to officially step forward and claim the bird as one of their own, multiple commenters in the group were offering to come and pick up the chicken and bring it back to their own coops.

One person even speculated it might be one of his.

Another commenter attempted to identify the breed of chicken.

“Looks like a golden sebright,” Michelle said.

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Animals apparently love the GeKo station, as back on February 29, Flaherty had encountered a wandering Yorkshire terrier and posted a photo to the group that she was safe at the station.

If the chicken continues to roam free and heads further north, perhaps it could join the roving rafter of Kingston turkeys like a peacock did a few years ago.

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Of course, in New Bedford, the chicken is available inside the gas station – but not in the same way the Carver chicken wants to be found.

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