You may remember that the Hawthorne Country Club in Dartmouth closed earlier this year. Since then, the golf course has overgrown with tall grass and weeds, and the sand traps have small trees growing out of them. A few of the neighbors are upset that the property looks so unkempt.

Apparently the owner, Kevin Santos, does not have the equipment to cut the grass. Although one resident reached out him and offered to get a few people together to take care of it, our source claims that Santos turned down that offer as he does not want anyone on the property. It was later brought to our attention that the issue is not that he does not want the grass cut, but an issue of insurance if anything were to happen to someone on his property.

So does the owner have the right to let it grow? Do neighbors have the right to complain?

*UPDATE: Santos is reportedly in serious negotiations with a couple of parties to sell the property.

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