As more and more transcripts of closed-door testimony are made public, it appears increasingly likely that the Obama Department of Justice went out of its way to shield Hillary Clinton from criminal prosecution or even a thorough investigation.

What a disgrace if true.

Former FBI attorney Lisa Page told the House Judiciary Committee under oath that the FBI was instructed by the DOJ not to recommend charges against Clinton, and now Fox News reports that FBI special agent Peter Strzok told the panel that he "negotiated" a deal with Clinton's lawyers that prevented the FBI from having access to emails on her private servers relating to the Clinton Foundation.

These are the latest revelations in a widening scandal involving information that was intentionally withheld from the public.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) is calling for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the DOJ's handling of investigations into both Clinton and then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump that became the Russia collusion investigation once Trump won the White House. I agree. It appears increasingly likely that justice was obstructed when it came to Clinton and laws were broken when it came to investigating Trump.

For those who say "Clinton lost, let it go," your view is shortsighted and misses the point. This is not about settling scores with Hillary Clinton, although if she broke the law she should be punished. This is about equal justice under the law and about weaponizing the DOJ to target political enemies. In other words, it's a BFD!

Attorney General William Barr needs to convene a grand jury and perhaps appoint a special prosecutor to begin peeling back the layers of what appears to be a coordinated effort to protect Hillary Clinton from prosecution while attempting to preventing Donald Trump from being elected president, and then trying to remove him from that office once he was sworn in.

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