Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden is a gaffe a minute, but with all of the nutty stuff coming from the left, Biden's little goofs are a bit of comic relief.

Between the legend of Corn Pop, which actually may have happened in some form or another, and his record player moment, Biden provides the suddenly pro-Warren media with lots of material to keep us chuckling. Some of Biden's routine isn't entirely funny, such as his fake news story about risking life and limb to go to a war zone to honor a reluctant hero. His touchy-feely behavior with women and kids is not exactly guffaw-worthy either.

Joe Biden is a great storyteller. He loves to speak publically and loves the attention he gets when he does. He is vain but I suppose you have to be if you believe you are best suited to rule the free world.

The problem with a guy like Biden is that he rambles. Most politicians strictly follow a script. Biden does not and when he rambles he sometimes makes it up as he goes or is prone to exaggeration. An example of his exaggeration came yesterday when Biden promised that his childcare tax credit would add another 720 million women to the workforce. There are only 350 million people in the country. Whoops!

Ronald Reagan was a great storyteller but Reagan was of a different era and could get away with a little bit. Biden is of that era as well but is trying to be relative today in a much more serious environment where every syllable matters and can make or break you.

The folksy Joe Biden has an appeal to older Democrats who long for a more sensible time, but it doesn't play well with the younger set. Biden needs to develop a killer instinct and stick to a script if he is going to survive all of this. If Kamala Harris can knock Uncle Joe back on his heels, just imagine what Donald Trump would do to him.

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