On Thursday, 13-year-old Marco Sousa was hit by a car while crossing Adams St. in Fairhaven while walking home from Hastings Middle School.


When he was hit, he used his viola to cushion the blow. The viola, naturally, was smashed to splinters. Marco's hip was broken, but if not for quick thinking and the string instrument, it could have been much worse. He's now recovering at home.

In the meantime, an online fundraising campaign was started in order to help this young boy replace his most prized possession, an instrument he's played since the 2nd grade. The initial goal was $1,000, with a month to raise the funds. Remember, the fund was started Friday. It's now Saturday, and the online total as of 9:45am is $1,370! WOW! AND, I received a call this morning from a well known benefactor in the city, and he's pledged to donate another $500.

As a news reporter, I read about and report the most grim and gritty stories that happen throughout the area on a daily basis. Shootings, stabbings, robberies, etc.... It's so GREAT to see stories such as this, when people like you go above and beyond what is required....which is nothing. Nobody's pressing you, and you probably don't even know this kid, but thank you for making his recovery more bearable. Now he can get a new viola, and I'm sure that any medical expenses will be paid for, and the mother will be somewhat compensated for time she's had to take off from work to care for her boy.

If you'd still like to contribute to the cause, CLICK HERE.

Again, THANK YOU for reaffirming my faith in humanity. I need it every now and then.

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