Gavin DeSousa lives in East Freetown with his mom, dad, and little brother Zane. Zane is medically compromised and any form of sickness, even the common cold, is extremely difficult for him to recover from. So, the family has been self-isolating since the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Alissa DeSousa’s Facebook page has been filled with updates of working from home, home improvement projects, and clever forms of enrichment for the boys. Sure, they have their breakdowns just like the rest of us, but they all stick together to get through it all.

Gavin lost a tooth on Wednesday, April 1. Since the Tooth Fairy is obviously essential personnel, there were no worries about whether or not she would arrive at the DeSousa household. The only thing on Gavin’s mind before resting his head that night was the Tooth Fairy’s safety. Alissa posted about this exchange on her Facebook page.

“When you have a medically complex little brother, your house is full of souvenirs like masks and gowns. Earlier today, Gavin lost another tooth. He asked if he could wear a mask to bed so that he didn’t spread any germs to the tooth fairy. Not sure if that’s sweet, comical, or depressing. Either way, we’re out another dollar.”

Can we please talk about how unbelievably considerate this sweet little boy is? He is so well-versed in how to protect his little brother from dangerous germs that he wanted to look out for the Tooth Fairy as well. Alissa did mention that the mask is old, so they were not wasting quality supplies.

If you had a little trouble reading the note in the picture, here's what it says.

"Dear Tooth Fairy,
Thank you for giving people in the whole wide world money. Can I keep my tooth, please?
From, Gavin"

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