FREETOWN — A historic SouthCoast landmark is no more.

According to the Freetown Police Facebook page, recent damages have taken a toll on the historic rock formation “Old Man of Joshua’s Mountain,” commonly referred to as Profile Rock.

Freetown Police say that at 9:22 a.m. on the morning of June 19, they responded along with the Freetown Fire Department to the Profile Rock park within the Freetown State Forest for a report of recent damages to the rock formation. There, first responders and park officials discovered that a large portion of the rock formation had broken off.

2008 photo vs. 2019 damage. Left photo by Erika Ferreira; Right photo by Freetown Police

State officials have closed the park until further notice, due to the unsafe environment. Police say the public is encouraged to stay away from the area, which is a popular tourist destination and a frequent walking and hiking spot for locals.

Joshua's Mountain is named after Joshua Tisdale, who first settled in the area. The name "Profile Rock" came about because locals believed the "face" in the mountain bore a resemblance to the great Wampanoag chief Massasoit.

Profile Rock Destroyed

The 2008 photo of Profile Rock is Creative Commons.