Freetown State Forest

Freetown Police Warn Motorists of Strange Threat in Roadways
The Freetown Police Department has posted a new sign outside of the Freetown State Forest warning motorists of a potential threat in the town's roadways.
In addition to the hazard of the sudden appearance of deer, raccoons and other animals that can appear in the road without notice, Freetown Police …
PA Man Found in Copicut
An elderly man from Pennsylvania was rescued after getting lost in the Freetown State Forest Friday morning, according to a press release from the Fall River Police Department.
The Death of James Kater
James Kater, the convicted murderer of Mary Lou Arruda, recently died in prison. His death brought some closure to the family of Arruda, the 15-year-old girl whose decapitated corpse was found tied to a tree in the Freetown State Forest in November of 1978...

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