A Freetown woman who admitted to WBSM's Barry Richard that she entered four school buildings Thursday in the Freetown-Lakeville School District in order to test school security, will now face a criminal charge.

Kayla Farris Churchill, 28, said earlier discussions with school administrators about tightening security measures "didn't get anywhere," so she decided to test school security on her own.

"I was hoping I would have been tackled or Tased or questioned or kicked out or something would have happened," Churchill said.

Something did happen late Friday afternoon, when Lakeville Police Chief Matthew Perkins announced the woman will be charged with disturbing a school assembly and would be summonsed to appear in Wareham District Court.

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Chief Perkins said in a statement that "Lakeville Police were notified that a parent had gained access to Apponequet Regional High School.  She allegedly bypassed the main office and began approaching and speaking to students and a staff member. The staff member reported the woman to school leadership, who contacted the School Resource Officer."

District Superintendent Alan Strauss also issued a statement saying the district is conducting its own investigation.

"Safety is the district's 'top priority' and protocols are now being reviewed for each building. Our investigation will gather detailed statements to provide an accurate accounting of what was said, and this will determine next steps," Strauss wrote.

Churchill, a mother of two, said Thursday the incident shows the school district has not taken security seriouly enough.

"It just proves the schools are completely unsafe and anyone can really enter," she said. "I don't think I should be charged. I didn't do it with ill intent. I didn't do it to scare anybody. I was shocked that it happened. I think the schools are more at fault."

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