A permanent part of Freetown now bears the name of one of its fallen heroes.

Jean-Pierre Trahan speaks next to a photo of his late son Tyler, during dedication ceremonies of the Tyler Trahan Memorial Roundabout in Freetown. (Credit: TSM)

The town gathered at Crossroads Common Saturday for the dedication of the Tyler Trahan Memorial Roundabout. Trahan was killed in combat on April 30th, 2009 in Iraq, just days shy of his 23rd birthday.

Tyler's mother, Maureen Trahan, spoke of her son's love for his hometown, and its residents.

Molly Trahan asked the hundreds gathered to carry on her brother's spirit and love, in their own lives.

Lt. Governor Tim Murray and Freetown Veterans Agent Dan Leblanc were among the many who gave thanks for Trahan's sacrifice and love of his country. The roundabout at the dangerous intersection was completed last November.

One of several signs to be placed at the new Roundabout (Credit: TSM)