With Dartmouth's Gidley School ready to be demolished to make room for a new police station, over 100 former students and faculty of the 95-year old building gathered Monday night to remember it.

The program, held at the Quinn School auditorium, featured former principal and teacher speakers, and a commemorative video to close out the night.

Descendants of Job S. Gidley were also in attendance, including Ben Waite, who gave a brief history of the Gidley Farm along with his memories as a student at the school.

Loraine Granda, Gidley's last principal before closing in 2007, spoke fondly of the school's atmosphere in its final years. She said it was a place where kids helped each other, and teachers taught them to be all-around students.

"There was a huge, huge sense of family. I mean, there was comradery... it was just a wonderful feeling. You walked into that building and you belonged," Granda told WBSM News.

Speakers also talked about Job Gidley's contribution to the town. Historical Commission member and Gidley School class of 1949, Bob Harding said Gidely was ahead of his time as a teacher and school superintendent.

"He's founded a lot of the techniques that are now considered modern education. He did it way back in those days," Harding said.

Gidley was also a Town Meeting and Select Board member, and an active member of the agricultural community in town.

Officials say there will be a permanent memorial to the Gidley School placed in the new library proposed to be built in North Dartmouth.

Officials also hope to hold more recognition nights for the Gidley School in the future.

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