Just a week after being fired as head coach of the Boston Bruins, Claude Julien has found a new home with Boston's biggest rival. 

Julien, who was relieved of his duties with the Bruins in a poorly timed and somewhat embarrassing manner by the front office last Tuesday, has been named the new head coach of the first place Montreal Canadians.

Montreal, who has scuffled as of late but still leads in the division, canned their head coach Michel Therrien early Tuesday and quickly named Julien as his replacement.


The decision also comes off the heels of a surprising Boston shutout of the habs, just days ago.

With the rivalry already known as one of the most contentious and hard fought ones in all of sports, this new wrinkle will surely keep the passion between the two teams.

Julien, who coached the Canadians 2003-2006, will have his second chance to lead Montreal and will also have a chance to get back at Boston for booting him out of town.

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