Would you know what to do if a flood affected you? If you were to get yourself into a situation where your home flooded, follow these helpful tips.

  • Stay tuned to weather and flood reports on any sort of broadcasting station.
  • Be alert to any disaster sirens.
  • Evacuate immediately if you hear that there will be any flash flood occurring in your area.
  • If you have any items that are important, before evacuating, move those important things up to the highest level of your house.
  • Shut off all utilities.
  • Turn off your electricity.
  • Close off the gas and main valves in your home.
  • Make sure you disconnect all of your electrical appliances.
  • If water is already rising inside your home go upstairs to a higher level, to the attic or even on top of your roof.
  • Clean your hands very often with soap and water or hand sanitizer. Especially if you come in contact with floodwater.

Of course everyone wants to protect their pets during a flood. So, all you have to do are follow these few simple steps:

  • You can obtain stickers specifying how many pets you have, and which you can post near your home’s entrance. The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals offers free decals in its Pet Safety Pack.
  • Do not leave your pets at home alone during a flood warning. Even though your home might not be affected, roads may be closed and you could be unable get back to them.
  • If your area is flooding, keep pets close to hand. Water that is shallow enough for an adult to walk through may be to strong enough to whisk away a pet.
  • Before letting your pet back into a home after a flood, check to make sure no other creatures have entered.
  • After a flood slowly reorient your pet when you return.

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