The 20th anniversary of the HBO organized crime television show The Sopranos brings up all the other great accounts of that world that have been made as feature films.

The Godfather Movies - The best version is the remixed long form of all the movies combined and with additional scenes not contained in the original releases of the films.

The Friends of Eddie Coyle - The great Robert Mitchum stars in this movie about the New England underworld. Filmed in the 1970s in and around Boston at the time Whitey Bulger was killing his way to power.

Casino - Tells the story of the mob in Las Vegas and the role they played in building the "City of Sin." It is based on real people and stars Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.

Goodfellas - An action-packed film about the street operations of the Lucchese Family in New York. In addition to De Niro and Pesci, some of the actors from The Sopranos have minor roles in this picture.

City Hall - Although not usually considered a mob movie, it should be. Starring Al Pachino as the mayor of New York, it shows the deep roots some organized crime members have in politics and how it can go bad in ways people never see on the surface.

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