Here's your local feel good story for the day!

My sister and I went to the CVS in Dartmouth earlier this evening so she could print photos. I made my way over to the makeup section as we waited for her prints. While I browsed, I overheard a woman ask a worker for some assistance. He was incredibly polite and pulled different lipsticks for her that she could not reach. He even gave his two cents for what shade he thought would look nice on her. The whole exchange was less than ten minutes, but I'm still smiling over it hours later.

Normally I am not a total creep snapping photos without someone knowing, but this was too precious of a moment to interrupt. I told the ladies at the front counter about the interaction between the two and asked for his name. Marc, you are a wonderful human being and I hope you never change. I know you could say that you were just doing your job, but there are some acts of kindness that go beyond the job description. The world needs more good souls like you.

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