Week one is in the books for the NFL and for Fantasy Football Leagues across the country.  So, how did you do?  Me, I won!  Well, I didn't really win but the team that I fielded won, and like all good fantasy matches it came down to the last game of the week.  Being down 40 points going into Monday's games I was a little nervous that the remaining players on my roster would get the points.  I probably shouldn't have worried too much, I had Pierre Garson and Arian Foster going for me last night, two high profile players that came through for me.  The main reason I won the week was my starting quarterback is Peyton Manning, Manning threw seven touchdown passes this week and put up 87 points in my league!  Now, normally I wouldn't cheer for Manning as I am not much of a fan of his, I do respect his game but just not a fan.  I think that's what makes fantasy leagues great is you find yourself checking out football games that you normally wouldn't even care about, when you have a player on one of those teams it gives you something to check out.  Now off to adjust my team for this weeks match up, let's hope that I'm not writing about how much of a bum Manning is for not performing as well as this week!  Ahh, the Fantasy Football Season, don't you just love it.  If you aren't part of a league, you can become part of the Pro Football Pick,em on the website and test your skills at picking winning teams, you could end up winning some pretty cool prizes.