The last lap of the Nationwide Series race in Daytona, Florida was more than most race fans bargained for.

Driver Kayle Larson's car went airborne into the front fence at Daytona on Saturday. The crash cut the front of Larson's car off, and left the fence mangled. According to ESPN, the crash injured 17 people.

One man was rushed the Halifax Medical Center where he was treated for head trauma and is in critical condition. Another major injury was suffered by a 14-year-old fan, but the injury is not known. 11 people were rushed the Halifax Medical Center, and six others to Florida Memorial Hospital where they expected to be treated an released.

NASCAR President Mike Helton said right now they are looking at how much damage was done, and that his thoughts and prayers were with the people being treated for their injuries. NASCAR safety teams were quick to respond to the crash after it happened. Kyle Larson said that he hopes that everyone turns out okay.


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