Perspective is everything, and one Fall River artist is changing the way you look at his city by taking you on a ride through the streets from behind his lens.

Corey “Gee” Garside was born and bred in the city of Fall River and is incredibly thankful to have created a life on the SouthCoast. Since he was in high school, Garside has been playing with cameras, creating video montages and short films with his friends. His passion for videography continued to blossom, and in 2019, the pieces of his personal puzzle seemed to fall into place. After a seven-year relationship came to an end, Garside began to pick up his life and start over. He decided to do something for himself, so he bought an electric scooter.

“I started cruising around on it in the city and people would stop me and ask how it worked,” Garside said. “From there, it sparked the idea of bringing people along for the ride.”

One simple purchase acted as a ripple effect for Garside’s future. With the help of a GoPro and his electric scooter, he made his first YouTube video in 2019, sharing his unique perspective on Fall River.

“I look for the beauty in the city,” he said. “People get to see the city in a positive light. When you find the beauty in things, it makes you want to get up and try your hardest, and I want to share that energy.”

As Garside zooms through the streets of the city, he takes the viewer on a journey of discovery, offering a new way to look at Fall River and its surrounding areas. It brings the viewer on a ride down familiar streets, but with Garside’s shots and editing, it’s like seeing them for the first time.

“My goal is to hopefully brighten someone’s day, to lighten someone’s spirit and change their thoughts on where they live," he said. "It’s not that bad, just take a look around you.”

Garside aims to inspire his viewers and be a pawn for those looking to share their story.

“I look to breathe some life into their ideas, I bring the vision to life," he said.

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What started as a passion project, turned into a full-time job. Garside now owns and operates his brand City Surfa and works with local businesses to help them share creative content, most recently putting together a video for the new “Viva Fall River” mural.

From solar companies to laundromats, Garside is able to make the viewer sit, think, and digest a familiar sight in an entirely different way, but no matter what he is shooting, his passion for Fall River and the SouthCoast always comes through.

“It relates to people when they could recognize the streets and areas,” he said. “It’s been a blessing to do what I love and bring some positive energy.”

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