I’m a real sucker for a super, over-the-top drink. Alcoholic or non alcoholic, it doesn't matter. Bloody Mary with pulled pork sliders, chicken wings, and mozzarella balls for garnish? I’ll take two. Giant milkshake with a sugar-coated rim and overused candy bars jammed into its whipped cream frosting? Better grab me some napkins because there’s no clean way to do this.

Do I order them for the ‘gram?  Maybe. Honestly, who cares, because what is life for if not having fun, amiright?

I saw a few videos of this wild drink back in February and thought nothing of it. I figured I was just out of the bar scene long enough to have no idea that life has gone beyond Jack and Coke.

Even though this particular drink is on this particular restaurant's menu year round, it definitely has some extra spooky-season appeal.

This drink can only be described as looking like a really cool Halloween decoration. At first, it looks like a crystal ball filled with magical mist and then, once the "ball" pops, the smoke pours out over the rim of the glass like a tiny witch's cauldron.

Not every bar has the ability to make this Insta-worthy cocktail, making Fall River's Tipsy Toboggan’s Bubbles & Berries Martini a bucket-food-list must.

The bartenders use a special gun (a flavor blaster, technically) to blow oil infused vapor into a giant, smoke filled aroma bubble that rests on the surface of your drink. It works the same way a giant dish soap bubble rests on a wet surface until someone comes along and pops it.

I know you're thinking that a video of you popping this spooky bubble with your freshly-manicured stiletto nails would look pretty great on TikTok. After that, you can drink it and order up another. The drink itself is made of citrus vodka, lemon juice, Chambord and simple syrup.

Go get your spooky drink on. Do it for the ‘gram.

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