If you love animals like me, then you’ll love Wet Nose Wednesday. Wednesdays on Fun 107 have become the day for pets in the area that are up for adoption. Thanks to the assistance of SouthCoast shelters, I get the chance to highlight one animal looking for its forever home. This week’s spotlight is dedicated to a Fall River pup from Forever Paws Animal Shelter.

Say hello to Bandit. This two-year-old ball of love is a mixture of all things. Ariana Silva, Director of Forever Paws, refers to Bandit as their “Heinz 57” because he seems to be a mixture of several breeds, but they believe him to be a hound/lab/pit bull mix.

At 75 pounds, it’s a good thing that he does well on a leash because he’s a strong one.

Bandit is shy at first, especially around men, but Forever Paws says that with a little love and affection, he will become your best friend.

This dog can be a little stubborn and has a tendency to challenge rules, so the shelter recommends that he be the only pet in the household as he learns basic obedience and how to play well with others.

“Bandit is absolutely amazing if you can give him the chance to open up, he is silly, playful, vocal and an absolute love bug once he trusts you,” Silva said. “He will make someone an amazing companion if given the chance.”

Does Bandit sound like a good match for you? Like them on Facebook and visit foreverpaws.com to schedule a meeting.

Forever Paws Animal Shelter

300 Lynwood St., Fall River


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