Fairhaven officials are trying a last-ditch effort to keep the local Kmart from closing.

At last night's meeting, the Board of Selectmen read a letter sent to Kmart's parent company, Sears Holdings, hoping to convince the company to keep Kmart in Fairhaven.

Selectman Bob Espindola suggested offering an economic development grant to help the cause, with the board prepared to discuss other possibilities if Sears Holdings is willing to talk.

"I think if I was in charge of Sears Holdings, and I got a letter from a town willing to work and negotiate with us for even more resources that they could have, I think that that's something they should consider," Selectman Charlie Murphy said.

Last year, the company announced a list of stores to be closed, which did not include the Fairhaven Kmart. However, it was confirmed earlier this year the location would be shut down by April.

Selectman Dan Freitas hopes the Kmart can be saved, but said it's going to be difficult.

"From what I'm reading it's not a good situation with Sears, which is the parent company... When they took on Kmart, might have taken on a little more than they could chew," Freitas said.


Town Administrator Mark Rees, who wrote the initial letter, said he plans to e-mail and call the company if no response is sent.

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