After their first community yard sale in Fairhaven turned out to be a huge success last fall, Christina and Daniel Lopes are excited to announce the return of the town-wide yard sale on May 21.

The May edition of the neighborhood spring cleaning is already shaping up to be even bigger than the first event last October.

Last year, the couple were approached by a resident who used to live in Acushnet and told them all about their town-wide yard sale. They suggested Fairhaven do the same, and since Christina and Daniel were lifelong Fairhaven residents, they felt it was the perfect way for neighbors to get to know each other a little better.

“It went awesome,” Christina said of last year’s inaugural event. “Everyone had such a great time, they were all so happy to meet their neighbors.”

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About 20 households participated in the town-wide yard sale in the fall. For this month's sale, 35 houses have already signed up to participate, with two more weeks until the deadline.

It is a full day of scouring the town for memorable finds, and the Lopes family makes it easy to navigate.

“We create a map for everybody with the households and hours of operation,” Christina said. “We generally do that a few days before the yard sale is set so they have the most accurate map.”

The response made Christina know she wanted to do it again.

“After seeing how much joy it brought people to meet and greet each other after a pandemic, I felt like it needed to continue to happen,” she said. “When you go to town events, you just say hello, but when you go to a yard sale, people share stories and you start having (real) conversations.”

Fairhaven shoppers are encouraged to message Christina and Daniel on their town Facebook page to stay in the loop. Not on social media? No problem. They look forward to you dropping in.

Fairhaven’s town-wide yard sale takes place on Saturday, May 21, with a rain date of Sunday, May 22.

Yard Sale Locations

North Fairhaven

479 Main St (9AM-3PM)
6 Springhill St (10AM-4PM)
8 Daniel St (8AM-1PM)
336 Main St (8AM-12PM)
46 Hawthorn St
38 Blackburn St (8AM-2PM)
2 Dover St (10AM-3PM)
25 Morton St (9AM-1PM)
12 Morgan St (9AM-2PM)
17 Morgan St (8:30AM-4PM)
18 Woodside Ave (9AM-4PM)
51 Oliver St (9AM-2PM)
Nancy St (unknown)
6 Faith Ave (9AM-2PM)
19 Glenhaven Ave (9AM-3PM)
336 Main St (8AM-12PM)
22 Brown St (10AM-3PM)
95 Long Rd (8:30AM-12:30PM)
46 BostonHill Rd (9AM-3PM)
211 Alden Rd aka Gloria & Co.
177 Alden Rd (9AM-3PM
9 Century Dr (9AM-3PM)

Center of Fairhaven

14 Taber St (9AM-3PM)
39 Hedge St (8AM-4PM)
14 North St (8AM-2:30PM)
73 North St (9AM-3PM)
4 Hemlock St (9AM-1PM)
53 Elm Ave (9AM-1PM)
65 Elm Ave (9AM-3PM)
7 Hickory Ln (8AM-4PM)
12 Hope Ave (9AM-3PM)
3 Castle Ave (9AM-3PM)
24 larch Ave (9AM-3PM)
9 Academy Ave (10AM-3PM)
24 Linden Ave (10AM-5PM)
93 Main St (9AM-3PM)
101 Main St (12PM-4PM)
19 Mulberry St (9AM-1PM)
26 Mulberry St (8AM-1PM)
23 Ash St (10AM-2PM)
27 Adams St (9AM-1PM)
29 Adams St (10AM-3PM)
92 Adams St (8AM-1PM)
10 Spring St (9AM-2PM)
32 Spring St
122 Chestnut St (8AM-3PM)
120 Chestnut St (8AM-2PM)
131 Chestnut (10AM-3PM)
113 Pleasant St (8AM-3PM)
111 Adams St (9-TBD)
140 Adams St (9AM-1PM)
34 Summer St (9AM-3PM)
40 Summer St (9AM-3PM)
45 Summer St (9AM-3PM)
12 Summer St (9AM-3PM)
106 Washington St (10AM-4PM)
111 Washington St (9AM-1PM)
112 Pleasant St (11AM-3PM)
25 Union St (9AM-2PM)
56 Green St
88 Green St (7:30AM-10:30AM)
96 Green St (10AM-2PM)
65 Laurel St. (9AM-12PM)
5 Vincent St (9AM-2PM)
6 Farmfield St (9AM-3PM)
65 Farmfield St (9AM-3PM)
72 Farmfield St (9AM-3PM)
82 Cedar St (9AM-1PM)
12 Baker Ave (9AM-1PM
16 Fort St (10AM-3PM)
4 Manor Dr (9AM-1PM)

Sconticut Neck Rd area

69 Sconticut Neck Rd
23 Highland Ave (8AM-4PM)
67 Hacker St (9AM-4PM)
42 Bayview Ave (9AM-3PM)
5 Harvard St (8AM-2PM)
6 Springhill St (10AM-4PM)
90 Raymond St
19 Seaview Ave (10AM-3PM)
20 Seaview Ave (10AM-3PM)
34 Seaview Ave (8AM-12PM)
48 Seaview Ave (8AM-2PM)
5 Ocean Ave (9AM-4PM)
28 Ocean Ave
29 Ocean Ave
30 Ocean Ave
31 Ocean Ave
32 Ocean Ave
479 Sconticut Neck Rd (9AM-3PM)
2 Gull Island Rd. (9AM-3PM)
127 Ebony St (8AM-3PM)
137 Cottonwood St (9AM-3PM
172 Cottonwood St (8AM-2PM)
34 Winona Ave (8AM-1PM)
72 Nakata Ave (9AM-2PM)

East Fairhaven area

17 Prince St (9AM-3PM)
3 Shawmut St
11 Pierces Point (11AM-4PM)
17 Studley St
10 Evergreen St (7:30AM-12PM)
10 Judson Dr (9AM-2PM)
30 Perry St (9AM-2PM)
43 Shaw Rd (9AM-2PM)
Jenney St (10AM-4PM)
444 Bridge St (8AM-1PM)

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