On Wednesdays, it’s all about the animals.

Fun 107 is proud to give animals that are up for adoption the center stage every week in hopes of finding their forever homes. Thanks to several animal shelters on the SouthCoast, we continue to connect four-legged friends to loving families, and the success stories continue to pile up. Hopefully, this pair of cute cats will be the next success to come out of Wet Nose Wednesday.

Courtesy of Fairhaven Animal Shelter
Courtesy of Fairhaven Animal Shelter

Meet Cooper and Garth. Cooper with his tiger stripes and Garth with his orange stripes are a pair of inseparable male felines that are currently living at the Fairhaven Animal Shelter in Fairhaven. They are six months old and full of energy. They will be a little shy when you first meet them, but they are just trying to figure you out, and once they do, they will look to you for endless cuddles.

Cooper and Garth are a package deal. All they know is each other and they have formed a bond that can't be broken. The only way to keep them happy and healthy is by keeping them together.

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Cooper and Garth are neutered and up to date on all their shots. The only thing left to do is find them a forever home filled with cat lovers.

Want to meet these two best friends? Follow the Fairhaven Animal Shelter on Facebook and schedule a play date today.

Fairhaven Animal Shelter

200 Bridge Street, Fairhaven, MA 02719


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