On Wednesdays, we talk about animals.

Fun 107’s Wet Nose Wednesday is all about giving the stage to the animals on the SouthCoast that are up for adoption. I have teamed up with shelters in the area and our goal is to get as many pets as adopted as possible.

Every pet deserves love and a place to call home. We have had a few success stories, but our work here is not done. This week, let me introduce you to Olaf.

Courtesy of Fairhaven Animal Shelter

He’s an all-white bunny who is about one year old and currently lives at the Fairhaven Animal Shelter. Before he found shelter, Olaf was having a rough time. Terry Cripps, the director of the shelter, tells me that Olaf was dumped in the woods on West Island last month.

“He was very hungry and dirty when we got him,” Cripps said. “But as you can see, he's clean and healthy now.”

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Olaf is very friendly and loves to be cuddled. He’s great for families with children, as long as they know to treat him gently. He lives off rabbit pellets and fresh vegetables and is litter box trained. The only thing you need to watch out for is Olaf’s nibbling habit. Bunnies love to chew on everything.

All he needs now is a loving home to receive endless amounts of carrots and cuddles. If you are interested in meeting Olaf the rabbit, contact the Fairhaven Animal Shelter at 200 Bridge Street in Fairhaven at (508) 979-4028 and like them on Facebook.

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