The Town of Fairhaven has come up with a plan to deal with issues surrounding Pokémon GO at Fort Phoenix.

The Fairhaven Board of Selectmen released a statement on Wednesday detailing what some of these changes will be and what departments will be involved.

First, Town Adminstrator Mark Rees says he will work with the Police Department and the Board of Public Works to implement the following steps: The re-installation of signs forbidding parking between 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. on Green St. and Fort St.; Closing the gate to the park at 9 p.m., instead of the current closing time of 10 p.m.; Installation of portable bathrooms and cigarette disposal devices; Enhanced enforcement of parking regulations; and Enhanced enforcement of disturbing the peace violations, particularly after 10 p.m.

Second, Selectmen Daniel Freitas has been authorized by the Board of Selectmen organize a working group of residents who live by the park and Pokémon GO game advocates that will facilitate communication between the two parties; Encouraging self-regualtion among the Pokémon community in regards to issues such as littering, parking, and the hours the game is played; and explore fund raising options that will help offset the Town's expenses regarding maintain peace and order at the park.

Third, with the assistance of Town Counsel, Rees will contact the administrators of the Pokémon GO game to ascertain what changes can be made to the game to minimize the negative aspects of the game at Fort Phoenix including limiting hours of operation and the concept of “migration” of Poke-man characters and if there is a basis to take legal action to compel those changes.

Rees will also arrage a meeting with the Chairs of the Board of Selectmen, the Historical Commission, and the Board of Public Works to address issues regarding authority and responsibility for the maintenance and operations of Fort Phoenix.

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