An investigation is underway to determine whether a School Resource Officer used excessive force to restrain a student at Resiliency Prep Academy in Fall River.

A video posted on YouTube appears to show an officer punching the student three times in the head and neck area during a struggle near a doorway.

Officials say the student began to act out after being told he would be suspended.

According to a statement from the School Department, the student was later released to his parents and will be summonsed into court to answer a criminal complaint filed by Police.

Superintendent Matt Malone says the School Department is investigating the incident in conjunction with Fall River Police. Malone says they will interview witnesses, review statements, and look at security video to determine if proper and appropriate protocol was followed.

The police say the evidence will be reviewed through the chain of command to determine whether there was justification for use of force.

Superintendent Malone told the Herald News the incident was a black eye on the district, and he plans to do everything he can to make sure these things don't happen.

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