Dunkin Donuts has just announced that they are removing a VERY popular drink item from their menu. According to Business Insider, the Coffee Coolatta will cease to exist as we know it, and my inner child is totally crushed. While I can't say that a Coffee Coolatta is my go-to beverage at Dunkin, I still like having the option for the frozen treat. Especially on those really hot summer days when an iced coffee just won't do the trick.

Dunkin is looking to replace the indulgent drink with the new "Frozen Dunkin' Coffee," so we can still get our fix when the temperature reaches 90 degrees in the shade. This new beverage is "healthier" compared to the Coffee Coolatta, but still heavy on the indulgent side. It's meant to appeal to a slightly different crowd than Coolatta lovers.

Dunkin, you're breaking my heart.

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