Mitt Romney is at it again. The "never-Trump" Mitt has re-emerged, slamming the president in an op-ed piece for the Washington Post.

Romney loved Trump when the billionaire real estate magnate was simply an ATM machine, but when Trump got into the race for the Republican Presidential nomination, swamp-dweller Romney was fit to be tied. Romney wanted it to be him, but after losing to Barack Obama four years prior, he was gun shy and missed his opportunity.

Poor him.

Once Trump won the election, Romney slithered on his belly to New York to lick Trump's boots while in search of a job in the new administration. He didn't get one.

Always the schemer, Romney moved to Utah, where he bought himself a seat in the U.S. Senate. It was a tougher than anticipated primary, but Romney won the seat after asking Trump for an endorsement.

Does anyone think for a moment that Ol' Mitt really wants to be just one in one hundred? Anyone else think that Romney is using the Osmond state as a base to launch a 2020 primary challenge to Trump? The following is something I wrote back in October 2018 when candidate Romney was denying he was ever a never-Trumper and predicted Trump would easily win re-election in 2020:

"Mitt Romney did not suddenly have a metamorphosis about Trump. He still hates Trump, and would turn on him in a heartbeat should the voters of Utah send him to the Senate. Romney needs to win the Senate seat to give him street cred to again run for president. Romney has become a born-again Trumper because it suits his needs for the moment. Once a swamp dweller, always a swamp dweller."

Mitt Romney reminds me of the high school cheerleader who struts her self-righteousness around the cafeteria while thinking she is superior to everyone else. Yuck!

John McCain and Jeff Flake may be gone from the Senate but take heart never-Trumpers, Mitt Romney will be there to carry on the tradition. At least until primary season begins.

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