Have you ever heard a more vicious political takedown than the speech former Massachusetts Republican Governor Mitt Romney delivered in an attempt to derail Donald Trump's 2016 presidential bid? Pure evil!

Ol' Mitt, who had his lunch money taken from him by Barack Obama in 2012 because he couldn't find his voice, must have taken a testosterone shot before his anti-Trump rant, beause he didn't mince words.

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Romney sounded like your ex just minutes before she advises you it's time to lawyer up. Ever wonder why the Republicans save their deadliest venom for their own while they treat the Democrats with such kid gloves?

Trump's successes, combined with the fact that Mitt would do or say almost anything to get elected to the U.S. Senate from somewhere, have led Romney to apparently soften his position. Appearing at a political rally in Arizona, Romney seems to have forgotten the extent to which he was a "Never-Trumper" just two short years ago:

Who can forget how Mitt Romney slithered on his belly to ask Trump for a job once the election was over?

President-Elect Trump Holds Meetings At Trump Tower In New York
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Mitt Romney is a con artist. He played the shell game with the folks of Massachusetts while using them to springboard to higher office.

Mitt Romney did not suddenly have a metamorphosis about Trump. He still hates Trump, and would turn on him in a heartbeat should the voters of Utah send him to the Senate. Romney needs to win the Senate seat to give him street cred to again run for president. Romney has become a born-again Trumper because it suits his needs for the moment.

Once a swamp dweller, always a swamp dweller.

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