Got anger? Let’s go break some stuff.

Dartmouth is getting a new business on Route 6 and it is the perfect opportunity to release your stress through demolition. House of Rage is coming to the SouthCoast, so get your hard hats ready.

The vacant, pink building on State Road was home to Fashion Corner Uniforms for years, but it looks like an exciting, new business is taking its place. A temporary sign hangs in front of the building that reads "House of Rage," and it is exactly what it sounds like.

Known as "anger rooms" or "rage rooms," House of Rage will be a place of unadulterated destruction. Guests will have the opportunity to grab a sledgehammer or a baseball bat and obliterate objects for the pure enjoyment of it. Hurl plates across the room and smash away your worries.

Why hasn’t this happened sooner?

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No word yet on when construction (or the destruction) begins, and the official website seems to be in its beginning stages, but the sign hanging on the pink building is proof that the SouthCoast will have a chance to let out some anger in a way they never have before.

According to the website, you could spend anywhere between $15 to $155 to rage, depending on which room you choose. The “Smash and Dash” room offers a quick, 10-minute session, but I have my eye on the “Bring Your Own Breakables Smash Pass," where you can bring in your own items to destroy.

“Did they leave their Xbox after the breakup? Do you just want to smash that picture? Take advantage of this special package and bring your own breakables without having to worry about any cleanup!” states the House of Rage site.

Add “boosters” to your package, like small electronics, for even more demolition. And after your destruction-fueled adrenaline rush, you will gain access to their “zen” room to level out before going back to the real world.

For those that live a stressful lifestyle, monthly subscriptions will also be available.

Every town deserves a rage room and Dartmouth will be the first SouthCoast town to get the rage experience.

Stay tuned for more details on House of Rage.

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