Dartmouth Town Government will have both new and old faces after Tuesday's Annual Town Election.

That new face on the Dartmouth Select Board will be Kelli Martin Taglianetti.

Taglianetti received 1,368 votes while opponent Kathleen Fentress received 1,282 votes.

Taglianetti is new to politics, but she says she's had plenty of experience in town, "I've lived here my entire life. I come from a public serving family, my father was a cop for 30 years, so I've seen the differences that he has made in other people's lives."

Also winning a spot on the Select Board is Frank Gracie, III who ran unopposed. Gracie has previously served on the Dartmouth Finance Committee.

In the race to fill a vacancy on the School Committee, Shannon Jenkins (1,439) defeated Teresa Hamm (835).

All five ballot questions passed with a "YES" vote. Questions included extending the term limit of Town Moderator to three years, clarifying dates of the Annual Town Election and Annual Town Meetings, and posting the town's annual budget on the town website.

Voter turnout was a dismal 10.95%. Out of the 23,820 registered voters, only 2,608 made it out to the polls.

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