The police officer who shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, says he opened fire that August day out of fear for his own life. In an interview with ABC's "World News Tonight," Officer Darren Wilson detailed his version of the events that left the unarmed black teenager dead in a street.

He said Brown became violent after he pulled his police car next to him as Brown was walking down the center of a road. Wilson described Brown as "powerful" and said he felt physically overpowered by the teenager. He also said when Brown charged him, he felt that if he didn't open fire, the teenager would kill him. When asked about accounts that said Brown had his hands up when he opened fire, Wilson said, quote, "that'd be incorrect, no way."

Wilson remains on administrative leave as the matter is under an internal police investigation. A grand jury decided this week not to indict Wilson for Brown's shooting death. The decision led to protests that became riots in Ferguson. Several buildings in the area were damaged, looted or burned. {Metro Networks Inc.)

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