Now that the headline has grabbed your attention, let me add that I believe most of crime is not only a lack of spirituality, but the lack of parental attachment, unsafe, unstable homes and broken marriages. But for now, I want to have you think about the spiritual part of my argument.

We hear so much about mental health issues being ignored nowadays. Well, not having a healthy spiritual base is conducive to poorer mental health. Let me put it the other way around, having a good spiritual foundation is associated with better mental health!

So, how does this fit in the narrative of local crime? The professionals who make a living at finding solutions to community problems might disagree with me and say crime is a combination of poverty, race, and inadequate finances. But I want you to think about how materialistic we've become. And the more things we have, the more we want. In short, young people have no idea of what their purpose is in life and end up having troubled souls.

What's part of the local crime solution? I say we have to take spiritual means and infuse them in the community. And if you think there's a separation between church and state, you are correct! And that very separation is what you see slowly destroying our youth.

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