Crime Is A Spiritual Problem
Now that the headline has grabbed your attention, let me add that I believe most of crime is not only a lack of spirituality, but the lack of parental attachment, unsafe, unstable homes and broken marriages. But for now, I want to have you think about the spiritual part of my argument...
Townsquare Sunday: PACE
With Federal budget cuts on the table, New Bedford's anti-poverty agency, PACE is facing some difficult times ahead. WBSM's Jim Phillips speaks with Pace Director Bruce Morrell on Townsquare Sunday.
Townsquare Sunday with Jim Phillips can be heard each Sunday at 10am on WBSM 1420 and WBSM..…
Feed The Local Children
WBSM and FUN107 joined with the United Way of Greater New Bedford, Feed The Children, employees of PriceRite and volunteers to help distribute food to 800 local families Tuesday. The parking lot of the supermarket was cordoned off with yellow tape tied to shopping carts to provide a large area for c…
PAACA Men's Clothing Drive
Mother Teresa said the most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved. When local folks need a helping hand, many times they turn to agencies like PAACA, Positive Action Against Chemical Addiction. The need to help support PAACA is greater than ever, with the huge spike in opio…
Red Nose Day
Red noses were purchased by people across the country and across the SouthCoast Thursday in support of Red Nose Day
Gender Pay Gap
Studies show that about half the households in New Bedford and Fall River are lead by single mothers and half of those single mothers are living in poverty.

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