Coventry, Rhode Island resident Steven Bronco managed to capture on camera something so impressive that some people are questioning its authenticity. Bronco promises, though, that your eyes do not deceive you and he did, in fact, get a perfect photograph of Saturn from the comfort of his home.

Bronco has been creating and editing his own videos for many years as a fun hobby, and just recently decided to pick up a still image camera.

“Pictures are kind of new for me,” Bronco said. “I found a new hobby for sure!”

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He decided to purchase a Nikon P1000 superzoom.30, capable of capturing out-of-this-world photos, and those were the exact kind of images he was looking to take.

“I used telescopes when I was younger and when I purchased this camera, I pointed it at Jupiter one night and saw its Jovian moons for the first time and was hooked!" he said.

A popular Facebook page dedicated to Rhode Island shared Bronco’s incredible photo, and it was met with some backlash, with several users questioning, “Is this even real?”

The image is so clear that you can see the texture of the rings around the planet, leading one person to believe the image is from a textbook.

“Keep hating,” Bronco said. "They don’t give me goosebumps, the planets do.”

Bronco is new to photography, but now that he is able to combine his love of the galaxy with his impressive camera, you can expect more images from his backyard in Coventry that will leave you in awe.

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