WAREHAM — Police in Wareham are searching for a man and a woman after they boarded a boat at Onset Pier and fled when they realized the owners were on board.

The Wareham Department of Natural Resources says at approximately 2:10 a.m Wednesday, an occupied vessel was tied to the dock at the Onset Pier when two individuals, described by the boat owner, as a male and female boarded their vessel and tried to gain access to their vessel cabin.

The two trespassers were startled when they realized the owners were on board. The male trespasser was observed jumping from the boat and running up the dock, leaving the female trespasser to fend for herself.

Wareham DNR says if anybody recognizes the suspects in the photos of surveillance video, it would like to speak with them. The man and woman’s faces are blurred in the video and pictures because they were running so fast, however, the clothing is fairly clear in the images.

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