After one developer withdrew their interest in the Rogers School, Fairhaven will look to get creative to find a new use for the historic building.

At Monday's Board of Selectmen meeting, Selectman Bob Espindola suggested using the same negotiation committee for the Oxford School to communicate with the remaining developers and come up with ideas to help them.

The small committee will include Espindola, Town Administrator Mark Reese, and Fairhaven Director of Planning and Economic Development Bill Roth.

Espindola brought up the idea of giving developers tax credits once they successfully win the rights to the vacant school.

"We've been through the RFP. The auction is something that's out there... and I think to a lot of people that's not a desirable solution, so we're trying to find other things that might work," Espindola tells WBSM News.

With the condition of the school, those types of incentives could be needed to keep the project alive.

In his withdrawal letter to the Board of Selectmen, developer Mark Tavares says taking on the Rogers School would be too risky, with the cost to fix the building being so high.

Chairman Geoff Haworth says,"'s not feasible just to go in there and, you know, do a few repairs and slap some paint on the wall and move forward. I mean, we're talking about all the brick needs re-mortaring, roofs need replacing. It needs a complete overhaul."