Hannah Hawkes Photography is facing some serious backlash after posting this photo on their Facebook page. What was intended to be a 'comical Christmas photo,' is turning into a controversy over sexism. Critics claim the photo "perpetuates 'violence against women' and promotes the idea that women should be seen and not heard."

Before Facebook deleted the image from the page for not meeting community guidelines, the female photographer defended her work on Monday: 'After being silent, now isn't that ironic, I would like to speak! I have been called every name in the book, and have received some very hateful and vulgar comments and messages. 'I would like to say that as a female I do NOT and have never promoted violence to women!' she wrote. I do not support abuse, or the degradation of women. 'My controversial photo was taken by request by the family, and was in no way meant to promote abuse. This photo was taken with humor in mind, and was meant as a comical Christmas photo. I personally know this family, and have known them for many years. 'They are not abusive to their children in any shape or form. Also, I would like to add that no one was harmed during the process! So everyone have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and MAY GOD BLESS you and yours!'

I understand that the family and the photographer had no intention of offending anyone, but it was somewhat done in poor taste. Had it been the parents vs the kids, that would be a little different. How about a shot of the children sleeping peacefully in their beds while the parents were shown sharing a bottle wine in front of a fire? Now that's a cute "Peace on Earth" photo!

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