Happy National Paranormal Day!

In order to celebrate, here are some episodes of our own Spooky Southcoast, one of the world's most listened-to paranormal radio programs. The show has been on the air for over 11 years, with nearly 500 episodes.

Below you'll find some of the topics that are covered each week on the show, which airs Saturday nights from 10 p.m. to midnight on WBSM and streams live video on the Spooky Southcoast website and through the show's free app for Android and iOS.


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    Without a doubt, this is the favorite subject of Spooky Southcoast host and co-creator Tim Weisberg. Tim has gone on to work on paranormal television programs like Ghost Stalkers and Ghost Asylum, and has shared his own experiences on shows like Ghost Adventures and My Ghost Story. He has become obsessed with topics like Lizzie Borden and Amityville. Here's an episode where the Spooky Crew spoke with frequent guest Amy Bruni and Adam Berry of TV's Ghost Hunters and Kindred Spirits.

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    As much as it may scare the heck out of Tim and Stephanie, the Spooky Crew have been covering UFOs from the beginning. That's no surprise, since Spooky Southcoast co-host Matt Moniz has been a ufologist for over 30 years, working with abductees and on a number of high-profile UFO cases. One of the strangest discussions we had was with someone who claims there is a link between alien abductions and owl sightings.

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    Spooky Southcoast was talking about Bigfoot long before the current crop of "reality" television shows were focusing on the hairy hominid, and we've covered a number of other cryptids as well.

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    The show has talked about everything from the JFK assassination to the 9/11 conspiracy theories, and the idea of an alien agenda to take over the Earth. Many of those conversations have occurred with a show favorite, Jim Marrs. But our hands-down favorite guest of all time is the great R. Gary Patterson, who discusses rock and roll legends and curses, the "27 Club" and the Great Beatle Death Clues mystery.

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    Spooky Southcoast went in a new direction back in 2014 when we brought in our longtime friend Stephanie Burke as a permanent co-host. Because Stephanie is a psychic medium, we were able to get a new perspective in covering those topics. Stephanie also studies under world-renowned psychic medium James Van Praagh, and we were fortunate enough to get a chance to speak with him on the show soon after she joined the Spooky Crew.

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    This is the topic for which the show is best known. It went from being a fringe topic we discovered via a Google search in 2005 to a world-recognized hotspot of paranormal phenomena. Each year, Spooky Southcoast has an annual Bridgewater Triangle Investigation Show, sending paranormal teams across the Triangle to investigate live and report what's going on out in the field. It may be something that occurs in our little corner of the world, but the Bridgewater Triangle has gone global. And don't even get us started on the Pukwudgies!

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