Before COVID-19, by far the most talked-about crisis of public health in America was opioid addiction. But the fight against chemical addiction that is ravaging through both urban and suburban neighborhoods is still ongoing and is more challenging after the fallout of the pandemic.

On the front lines of that fight are organizations like PAACA in New Bedford. PAACA stands for Positive Action Against Chemical Addiction. They are a non-profit, grassroots organization that provides access to treatments and services for those suffering from addiction.

Recently, the president of PAACA (and fellow proud member of the Ferro family) Carl Alves joined me on the program. Carl is the region's leading advocate for addiction prevention and treatment and is active on the national level as well.

We discussed the work PAACA does, the challenges presented due to COVID-19, and what other community service initiatives the organization has undertaken. You can listen to the full conversation here:

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