State Rep. Antonio Cabral sent a follow up letter to Transportation Sec. Stephanie Pollack on Tuesday.

Cabral, and other members of the Southcoast's legislative delegation, sent a letter on July 8 asking for more information about a proposed alternative Middleboro Route for Southcoast Rail.

Cabral tells WBSM News that more information is needed about this proposed route so the public can make an informed decision.

"If we are being asked, again to take another look at this alternative, I think it's imperative that they provide enough information up front for all of us, not only those elected officials, but also the general public to make a good assessment of what they are asking us," said Cabral.

In particular Cabral wants information about some very specific questions.

"What time line are we talking about? How much will it cost for this alternative? What would be the ridership for this alternative versus the Stoughton route that they had made a decision about in the past? Are they going to begin construction from South to North?," said Cabral

Cabral says this is information that should have been made available before the public meetings begin Wednesday night.

"I'm hoping by that time that we have some information, or at least some information beyond what we have now, which is none," said Cabral.

The first informational meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School Auditorium at 1121 Ashley Blvd.