A Rhode Island coyote that was spared euthanization after a public outcry could find a new home at New Bedford's zoo.

Keith Lovett, the director of Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford tells WBSM News the zoo would take the coyote known as Cliff, but only if several conditions are met, including giving Cliff a physical examination. "Obviously, it's never been vaccinated for anything. So, before the zoo would have to consider this animal, there has to be a health assessment. Because we want to make sure not only that Cliff is healthy, but he doesn't bring any diseases onto the property here at the zoo," said Lovett.

Cliff would also have to get along with the zoo's current coyote resident, Molly.

Lovett says the decision to relocate Cliff is up to Rhode Island officials.

The coyote was set to be killed after it was spotted roaming around Newport and Middletown in broad daylight and appeared at a bus stop crowded with children. Police rescinded the kill order after a public outcry.