Bernie Sanders, whose campaign recently experienced a staff dump or mass exodus by the brain trust, has introduced his new deputy national campaign spokesperson and she is by her own admission an illegal alien.

According to Fox News, Belén Sisa came to the U.S. illegally from Argentina when she was six years old and is protected by Barack Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Sisa is a Democrat activist in Arizona and has been arrested multiple times for political activism, according to the Washington Examiner.

In an interview with CNN in January, Sisa attacked President Trump for seeking funds to build a border wall to keep illegal aliens like her out of the country.

“It’s horrible. It’s really disappointing and saddening to see that the person who is supposed to hold this country together is doing nothing but dividing the American people by holding immigrant youth hostage," she said.

Sisa described in a Facebook post how she "felt hopeless and powerless to the anti-immigrant attacks and policies that were holding her back from her dreams."

Sisa has an amazing sense of entitlement. She believes that she has a right to be here because she doesn't want to be in Argentina. According to Sisa, our laws and our sovereignty don't matter if they block her from achieving her objectives. In other words, the rules simply not apply to her.

Bernie's selection of Sisa as his press aide says a lot about him as well and his lack of respect for the laws and traditions of this country.

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