It’s been five years since Benny’s closed its doors for good, and New Englanders were forced to say goodbye to the beloved store after almost a century.

The stores may be gone, but ask any Rhode Islander or SouthCoaster about Benny’s today, and they will look back fondly with their memories of shopping there, and they may even bust out the iconic Benny’s jingle.

Truth be told, the store simply could not keep up with the big box stores. Now its story will be told.

Thanks to Hooligan Film Productions, a Benny’s documentary is on the way, and it will be a true telling of nostalgia and heartbreak.

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Hooligan Film Productions Targets Benny's

Dante Bellini of Providence spent his career in the advertising world and worked closely with brands such as Benny’s. He retired in 2019 and decided to pursue his dream of documentary filmmaking.

“It’s something that I’ve always had a passion for,” he said.

Since 2019, Bellini has had his hand in several projects, and he always knew that he would eventually do a film about the company that he worked so closely with for years.

Bellini approached Arnold Bromberg, the vice president of Benny’s, and the VP was immediately on board.

What to Expect in the Benny's Documentary

Benny’s may be gone, but it certainly has not been forgotten, and Bellini aims to hone in on the feeling of nostalgia that this store brings to so many people.

“You may have had a great-grandfather that shopped there, you may have bought your first bike there, you may have purchased the paint there to paint your house. Whatever it may be, somebody has a story about Benny’s,” he said. “It’s a cultural icon that deserves a story.”

This documentary will tell the true story of how a beloved establishment wasn’t able to compete in an ever-changing world.

“It’s important for people to know that they didn’t go out of business, they simply decided there was no future competing against Amazon and other big-box stores,” Bellini said. “The way we shop is different.”

The way we shop may be different, but there is no denying the loss that many New Englanders feel when a business like Benny’s closes up shop. Shopping was a warm experience at a place like Benny’s, and modern society has gotten away from that.

Bellini’s documentary aims to touch on feelings of remembrance and the unfortunate result of modern-day commerce.

Be a Part of the Benny’s Documentary

To make the documentary as authentic and as special as possible, Hooligan encourages locals to submit stories about their memories of the iconic store.

If you have pictures from shopping sprees long ago, fun videos from inside the store, or simply a touching story about your time as a Benny’s shopper, Hooligan wants to hear about it.

All inquiries, photos, and videos can be sent to

Expect the Benny’s documentary to be completed between the end of 2024 and early 2025.

For now, enjoy the official teaser.

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