ONSET - With the snow piling up, stories of damaged buildings and property are rising with it.

According to Wareham Week, Onset firefighters responded to the former Benny's building after its roof partially collapsed on Thursday.

The Onset Fire Department, National Grid and Eversource were dispatched to the location of the former retail chain on Thursday afternoon after the building's roof partially collapsed during the intense snowstorm hitting Massachusetts.

Onset Fire Chief Ray Goodwin said the call was reported at approximately 2:20 p.m. An inspection revealed the building, located at 3066 Cranberry Highway, was damaged and part of roof had collapsed. National Grid and Eversource crews were called to shut off gas and electricity to the vacant structure.

Like all other chains of the Rhode Island based department store, the Wareham location closed its doors in September.

Onset firefighters are currently monitoring the situation.

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