Credit: BOND
Credit: BOND

Going Green has helped Bristol Community College save some green. 

This year the school opened the Sbrega Health and Science Building which school officials say is designed in such a way that it is able to produce enough renewable energy to sustain itself.

While it is beneficial to environment Steve Kenyon, the school's Vice-President for Administration and Financing  tells WBSM News the building on the Fall River campus is also beneficial to the school's bottom line.

"As Chief Financial Officer I'm pleased that it's saving about $130,000 a year in operating costs, but it's just a great example of smart design and effective design, that didn't cost the college any more money to build," said Kenyon.

Kenyon says the building, which houses four biology labs, two chemistry labs, a nursing lab, a clinical lab, as well as spaces for medical assisting and dental hygene instruction is situated near another major environmental initiative launched by the school.

"Right across the road is five acres of photovoltaic panels covering five parking lots and that's providing, in the summer, about 90 percent of the college's electric and, in the winter months, about 60 to 70 percent depending on the month," said Kenyon.

The construction company that built it, Bond Brothers, claim the 46,000 square foot, LEED platinum certified facility is the largest zero net energy classroom and science laboratory building in the Northeast.


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