I have changed my mind and will now vote against Question 1 on the Massachusetts ballot on November 8th.  Should it be approved Question 1 would allow for a second slots parlor in Massachusetts, something I support.  S0, why will I oppose it?  Because New Bedford and the surrounding area has no chance of hosting the slots parlor.

Question 1 says a second slots parlor could only be adjacent to and within 15 hundred feet of an existing horseracing track.  We don't have one of those in New Bedford, Fall River or Taunton so I looked around the find out who does.  There are three horseracing tracks in Massachusetts, the first being Plainridge Racecourse in Plainville,  but Plainville already hosts a slots parlor.  The other two, Suffolk Downs in East Boston and 3 County Fair in Northampton.

Suffolk Downs just happens to be smack dab in the middle of the district that is represented by none other than Democrat, House Speaker Bob DeLeo, his home district!  What a coincidence!  So, what about Northampton?  Western Massachusetts?  Hey, maybe they deserve a shot?  Maybe, until you look into it further.  Senate President, Democrat, Stanley Rosenberg has his district office in guessed it...NORTHAMPTON!  Powerful Senate Democrat Benjamin Downing is also from there and "Havana Jim" Jim McGovern represents the city in Congress.  Can you imagine that?

If approved a second slots parlor would go either to DeLeo's district or Rosenberg's district and we sit with our thumb...well you know, AGAIN!

Folks, tell the power brokers in Boston that we will not vote for another slots parlor unless we have a shot of hosting it!


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