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Baker Seeks Compromise
BOSTON (AP) _ Charlie Baker is looking for a grand bargain on Beacon Hill.
The Republican governor told reporters this week that he's hoping to work with the backers of several ballot questions _ and with leaders of the Massachusetts House and Senate _ to hammer out a deal before the questions g…
Campaign Cash For Ballot Questions
BOSTON (AP) _ Committees supporting and opposing questions on the November ballot have already raised more than $2.4 million.
By far, the most money pouring into the questions have come from labor unions including the Massachusetts Nurses Association, which backs a proposal calling for strict nurse-t…
No on Quest 1
I have changed my mind and will now vote against Question 1 on the Massachusetts ballot on November 8th.  Should it be approved Question 1 would allow for a second slots parlor in Massachusetts, something I support.  S0, why will I oppose it?  B...
Ballot Questions
Massachusetts voters will get to determine the outcome of four ballot questions when they head to the polls Nov. 8 and a leader of the region's business community is sharing his thoughts on these questions.
Education Debate
Two proposed ballot questions that could strongly influence public education in Massachusetts will be aired on Beacon Hill.
One of the measures scheduled for a hearing Monday before the Education Committee would allow up to a dozen new or expanded charter schools each year outside of existing state c…
Statewide Election Results
Here's the results of Tuesday's State Election In Massachusetts as of 2:20am.
^U.S. Senate
2,148 of 2,173 precincts - 99 percent
x-Ed Markey, Dem (i) 1,268,429 - 62 percent
Brian Herr, GOP 775,241 - 38 percent
2,148 of 2,173 precincts - 99 percent
x-Charlie Baker, GOP 1,023,674 - 48 percent
Ballot Questions
Ever walk into a polling booth and know who you're planning to vote for but have no idea what the questions on the ballot are referring to?

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