It is even too early for Halloween products to be out on the shelves, yet here is Christmas in all of its splendor staring at me right in the face as I unsuspectingly turn a corner at the Fairhaven Big Lots yesterday. It's still beach weather, for crying out loud!

Look, I am no Scrooge and certainly enjoy the holiday season, but come on now.

The commercialization of everything humanly possible to commercialize has gotten way out of hand. As I roamed the aisles of Big Lots in my flip-flops and shorts yesterday, I had my pick of beach supplies, back to school stuff, fall harvest decorations, Halloween candy and costumes, Thanksgiving items and yes, Christmas trees. How's that for sensory overload?

Can you imagine being the store employee that has to decorate Christmas trees in early September? And in fairness, it's not just Big Lots that is rushing the holidays, but that just happened to be my first sighting of Christmas merchandise.

Big Lots, Fairhaven (TSM Photo)
Barry Richard/Townsquare Media

I'm not the kinda guy who says "there should be a law" about a lot of things, but maybe there should be. That's a little radical, I agree, but still. Why can't corporate America allow us to enjoy one season at a time and let us ease into the next? Do they really sell more Christmas trees by putting them on display in early September?

I realize there are some who have their Christmas shopping completed, wrapped and are locked and loaded looking for bargains for next year. That is wonderful and you deserve a medal. But that ain't most of us, and some of us would like an opportunity to wipe the sand off of our feet first before we are pummeled with holly and ivy.

Dear Santa, BACK OFF and let me enjoy the final days of summer while I can. Your time is coming soon enough.

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