It was almost 11 months ago that Roger Williams Park Zoo announced the birth of Magnus, a golden lion tamarin born to parents Raff and Kyle. His big brother Angus was ready to show him the ropes and now Magnus will have the chance to pay it forward and be a good big brother to a little sister.

The newest member of the golden lion tamarin family at the Zoo is sweet Boudica, the first girl born in the family. According to a Facebook post from Roger Williams Park Zoo, she is named after one of Britain’s most passionate and valiant warriors, Queen Boudica. Her keeper, Jen H. was determined to name a female golden lion tamarin after her.

“It’s fun to say and she deserves a strong woman’s name,” Jen H said.

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Photo contributed by Roger Williams Park Zoo
Photo contributed by Roger Williams Park Zoo

RWPZoo agrees that this sweet face needs a source of strength to “keep up with her mischievous older brothers.”

Boudica is healthy and nursing and being closely monitored to ensure she continues to thrive. Baby tamarin will ride on dad's back between feeding times with mom.

“RWPZoo is part of the Golden Lion Tamarin Species Survival Plan (SSP) which is a collaborative national conservation program accredited by The Association of Zoos and Aquariums.”

No doubt we will see this little sister monkeying around with her two older brothers in no time. They will explore and play in the Faces of the Rainforest exhibit soon.

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